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Brian Ridgway’s First Webinar

Friday, August 5th, 2011

I had to take time and share this with you and the universe.  Brian Ridgway had his first webinar in his series of webinars today.  This webinar was unbelievable, powerful, informative, intriguing and inviting to get people to extend their horizons and to reach and stretch for more.  His message had me hanging on the every word he was saying.  Some of Brian’s suggestions will take time for me to totally accept the outcome of the transformation from ME NOW to ME TOMORROW because of 65 years of being programmed by society, friends, employers etc and being ME.

The process won’t be as easy as flipping a light switch from the OFF position to the ON position.  I know I can and will make the transformation and it will take more time for me than it will take for others.  Yes, I do believe you can teach an old dog new tricks.  I know Brian will have to do the dripping method on me and once I get it, I have it and I will be able to put a lever bar on that light switch and get that extra leverage to flip the switch to the ON position.

This was an exciting and informative webinar and I can’t comprehend what Brian has in store for us with his future webinars.  All I can say for us on the webinar today is we better fasten our seat belts because we are going on a ride that will change us for the better.  All aboard!

Go out and make it a successful day!

Roger Neumann