Hello and thanks for looking at my blog. As you can tell from my home page, I was not born as an Internet
marketer. Heck, when I was born we never heard of the Internet. In fact, the telephone was the greatest and latest thing at that time. I knew I wanted to be pilot at an early age. My uncle took me to an open house at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois when I was three years old and that was the day I was bitten by the flying bug. I started flying lessons at age fifteen and my parents had to drive me to the airport for my lessons because I was too young to drive. Since then I have been flying for forty-nine years; oops, now you know how old I am. I won’t bore you with my flying experience so I will just say I have a few hours of flight time.

I got into the Internet arena a few years ago and tried several programs that got my bank account into the red instead of black. Then one day I received an email stating there was a mentor that will take someone from zero to hero and the investment was nothing compared to the benefits. I thought I needed a mentor just as I needed a flight instructor to teach me how to do what I needed to do. I am very lucky to have two mentors today that are helping me fly into success! Why should I try to reinvent the wheel when I have pros on my side that will share with me how to move the wheel? Their names and contact addresses are: Alex Jefferys and you can reach him at and the other pro is Dean Holland and you can reach him at

When you contact them, tell them Roger Neumann sent you.

I am on my way to success and you can do the same. When would NOW be a good time to enhance your life and do something for yourself and your family?

Go out and make it a successful day!

Roger Neumann